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Dedicated to user privacy and focusing on individuals rather than just businesses participating in the marijuana industry, LeafedInTM has proven it will revolutionize how the marijuana community connects and communicates with the successful launch of its Marijuana Networking App, Leafedin.Org. The app works on all desktop and mobile devices, simply visit By focusing on the significant part of the marijuana industry that has been ignored by other mainstream marijuana tech apps, this service is a huge potential catalyst for the major shift towards a more efficient business model for the marijuana industry as it assimilates into the mainstream.

From San Francisco to Sydney, consumers as well as vendors of marijuana of any size, type, and degree are finding a direct way to instantly find local marijuana that is direct to the source of the best quality, while vendors are able to instantly connect with buyers locally over an anonymous free networking tool that allows them to maximize their return , find new clients, and even find better hook ups for whole sale! is centered around the use of a map-based app (accessible on any device at to anonymously connect individual members of the cannabis community in real-time through a messaging service. Users are segmented into four major MJ groups: Vendors, Buyers, Employers, and Skilled Labor.

The service requires no personal data and signups can be finished in mere seconds, with the details provided being based on the group you belong to. If you are a consumer/buyer in Washington D.C. looking for a new vendor/distributor to get your preferred marijuana products from, you can find one within walking distance in your area in real-time, with reviews and at no cost to you, within a minute of going to The same logic applies to any variety of marijuana vendors or distributors, who can connect with new customers instantly and gain new business. Many vendors have been reporting huge returns within just days of joining. Any size growers can quickly filter through local trimmers, extractors, etc., allowing them to effectively meet their marijuana labor needs. You can open the app on any of your devices and see who is currently around you right now; the connections to be made are endless.

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To be clear, no transactions are ever handled by this site; it is an application made to facilitate and encourage the coming-together of different subsets of the marijuana community. Currently the IOS app is only available by invite for a small group of select users, stay tuned for updates about this in the very near future!


  1. Love leafedin. Hate having to login site constently. Would love android app. Ah maybe in future. Il be awaiting. Keepup good work…

    • You need to move to a state that allows THC with the CBD. They work together much better than alone. Most parents don’t want their children on the THC, like there’s something inherently wrong with that part of the cannabis plant. But the THC will calm him down almost immediately as that’s the effect his poor body needs to calm down so he won’t hurt himself as much anymore.

  2. I have an autistic son, who has self injurious behaviors when he becomes upset (biting his hands, head butting windows, doors, walls, etc..). It is difficult to get him to calm down and long periods of time to help him get over his frustration or anger. Is there anyone who can suggest treatments, products and doctors to help him. We have tried CBD oil (3 drops at a time) but it did not seem to help. He is non verbal. We live in Pittsburgh, PA area. Please help, Thank you!

    • Hello Billy

      I would recommend that you try using Charlottes Web products that have been developed by the Stanley Brothers.



  3. Thank you LeafedIn, I signed up and I’m hoping this will help get my name out there. I am a Florida Medical Marijuana Patient Consultant helping clients become medical marijuana patients through an affordable doctor. We also raise money to help low income patients to get their medicine.


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