Cannabis Use Has More Risks Than Benefits, Says T. Hurd


Lompoc, CA – Despite the impending legalization and regularization of marijuana all throughout the US states and cities, not everyone is happy about it. But the people who strongly uphold their opposition to the legalization of cannabis are those who have witnessed the negative impacts of the drug firsthand to the healthy well-being of those who abuse it.

Thomas A. Hurd, DDS, a Lompoc resident with a degree in Psychology, showed his strong opposition to the legalization of pot by addressing alarming issues and concerns about the effects of continued marijuana use. Hurd also talked about the negative effects of pot during his speech as a guest commentary speaker in the city of Lompoc.

He narrated his experiences while in UCLA for his Pre-Med as he witnessed marijuana abuse and other recreational drug use, and how it altered people’s normal state of mind into something destructive and violent. He also mentioned that he saw some of his friends lose their normal self after consuming weed and entering an altered reality based on hallucinations and paranoia caused by the drug.

Hurd said that not many people understand the negative effects of marijuana as nobody can really justify or conclude the real effects of the drug on our brain. All the clinical studies and tests conducted to learn more about using the drug as a medicine often end up with futile results when it comes to the real effects of it on a person’s well-being.

But the main concern of Thomas Hurd as he addressed the audience at UCLA is that once marijuana is legalized and regulated, people who are high on pot and continue to work in a dangerous area such as those who operate heavy machinery or handle dangerous weapons could get into fatal accidents, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of weed.

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The impact may not be seen immediately after the implementation of weed legalization, but Hurd is sure that the people will notice the drastic negative impacts of it in the long run. Hurd ended his speech by telling the audience that marijuana and other illegal drugs continue to end and ruin the lives of the users and other innocent people who collide with these substance abusers. He urged the people to vote against the legalization and use of recreational marijuana to save lives and continue to live in a more peaceful environment.

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