Marijuana Advocates Hold a “Religious Ceremony” for the Sacred Herb

Marijuana Advocates Hold a “Religious Ceremony” for the Sacred Herb

SAN FERNANDO, CA– Marijuana advocates are feeling a bit unreasonable about US Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ threat.

Known as an oppositionist of cannabis legalization, he ordered a review of the weed policy among states that have legalized pot. So, on Monday at 12:00 noon, marijuana activists had a get together on the Capitol lawn.
The purpose of the gathering was to appeal to the authority. There were a Rastafarian, an emperor, a marijuana ganja Rene urs, and a dozen advocates wearing what looked like Keebler elf hats. They held a rite for the protection of the “holy herb.”

Dawn Lee Carty offered a Christian prayer while carrying a bottle of marijuana oil. In his prayer, he asked God to help them change Sessions’ mind on the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis.
Meanwhile, Rev. “Billy” Talen from the “Church of Stop Shopping” offered another prayer for nonbelievers. He finished his prayer with “Thank you, cannabis!” and “Marijuanalujah!”
One of the marijuana protesters performed a Buddhist mantra, then Adam Eidinger, leader of DCMJ, offered a Hebrew prayer.

Lastly, the Rastafarian was holding a Lion of Judah flag while praying. He asked for fortification “in the name of the imperial majesty” as what he said in his prayer.

Unfortunately, their prayers were not returned. After an hour and 20 minutes of prayers and speech about marijuana, a distinctive odor spread all over the Capitol. Some activists lit and inhaled cannabis during the program. For this reason, law enforcers started to capture and drag defenders into the van.
The people who were captured includes the Rastafarian. Before the police caught him, he chanted a sacramental joint as he orated: “For too long, they’ve held down cannabis.”

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People’s Take on Jeff Sessions’ Order

Before this event, Quinnipiac University conducted a survey. The result shows that 60 percent of Americans think cannabis should be made available and legal. Meanwhile, only 34 percent don’t like the idea of legal marijuana. Even larger groups are marijuana supporters, and they don’t want to have a federal crackdown.

With this overwhelming opinion, Sessions is against all the odds. Last month, Sessions described cannabis as “slightly less awful” than opioids. This statement puts the Trump’s administration on a “battle” not only with pot users but also with states that have legalized marijuana.

What Is Going to Happen?

If you were to make a recall on the Trump’s administration initiatives, you would probably describe it as “nothing much.” Meaning, people will be confused on what they should follow – the existing local system or the federal government. In other words, it’s a system that makes no sense, as marijuana ganja Rene urs described it on Monday.

This arrangement may be favorable for the weed black market, but it’s hardly superior to the legal system. Because the government regulates and collects taxes on cannabis, it could affect the economy as the industry keeps growing. However, this will happen in the future; maybe not in Trump’s regime, but in the next administration.

On the flip side, the situation gives the advocates time to enhance their pitch.


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