How Long Does Weed Stay in Your Body System After Using It?


You may not be a user and just curious, or you are a user and want to know how long does marijuana stay in your body until you are clear of it again.

Regardless of your purpose for using this herb grass, it stays on your system for a long time. If you take a drug test, it is likely that you will get caught.

How Long Does It Take for My System to be Clean?

The answer to this question is not that simple. There are several factors that determine the duration and effect of weed in your body. The most common factors are the following:

– The metabolism rate of the person

– The level of tolerance toward the toxin

– The body weight of the person

– The overall health of the person

– The frequency of using marijuana

Marijuana contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a chemical substance that is fat soluble. When you consume the cannabis plant, it penetrates the fat cells of the body. It reaches the vital organs in your body including the kidneys, liver, and brain. It reaches your blood vessels and body organs and stays there forever.

The THC chemical also reaches your hair follicles. It will stay there unless you cut all of your hair. During a drug test, in order to find out if there is a presence of marijuana in the system, the test detects a by-product of the THC, which is the 9-carboxy-THC.

When it comes to the effects of weed in the body system, it is quite hard to pin point the exact time of consumption and when the body starts to experience the effects.

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What medical experts do is to use an estimation that they called half-life. They use it to determine the timeframe that the weed remains in the system. The following are the various half-life period that experts use to estimate the presence of marijuana in the body:

– Constant user – over 90 days

– Regular user – over 45 days

– Occasional user – over 10 days

Basically, smoking weed will cause THC to stay in your body fat for a long time. If you have plenty of fats, then it stays much longer.


  1. nonsense! The urine test looks for over 50 parts per billion thc metabolites. If you drink alot 3 days before the test up to the test 3 days later,and use the mid stream pee in the test after at least 3 pees the test morning,you’ll be ok because the test only detects OVER 50 parts per billion, simply get it down UNDER 50 parts so in essence,you can have THC in your body and still pass the test.What a deception they sell about pot in your system for 30 days,SO WHAT.The urine test comes clean only 72 hours after if you follow these steps. I smoked up strong indica 4 days before the test and followed these steps 3 days before the urine sample, I passed. make sure when you pee in the bottle,use the MIDSTREAM urine,not the beginning of the peeing and certainly not the end where alot of the thc hangs out. SO pee into the urinal until around halfway,then use that sample around the middle of the stream,,then finish the peeing in the urinal.Guys,thank me anytime!!!!

  2. I have smoke plenty of different flower strains and even plan to become a marijuana doctor in my state once they start offering the medical courses in my area. I feel like marijuana can help a whole bunch of medical problems, depending on the person and symptoms. I love the flavors and aromas of the different strains and like to see what effects each different strains have. I would like to learn how to grow also.


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