How CBD is Extracted from Marijuana

How CBD is Extracted from Marijuana LeafedOut

In the 1940s, cannabidiol or CBD was discovered. It is a phytocannabinoid extracted from the plant cannabis. Forty percent of the plant is made of this compound. Since its discovery, studies on its relationship with human cognition, anxiety, pain, and movement disorders have been mobilized.

More recently, studies are also made on how CBD works with patients who have epilepsy. It dwelled on its medicinal uses and how they are related to neurological disorders. CBD oil products, in particular, do not contain tetrahydrocannabinoid or THC in them. Without, THC, the plant does not cause a feeling of high to the user. This makes it appealing for people who need immediate relief from epileptic attacks minus the addicting factor from the same cannabis plant family.

Also, since the discovery of CBD, many people have benefited from it when it comes to pain and anxiety relief. In addition, cannabidiol can also be used safely for children because it does not have the THC substance in it, which make users high.

CBD Oil from Marijuana

Oil of CBD is extracted in many various ways; one is through the use of CO2.

CO2 is utilized as a solvent during the extraction process. CO2 is considered to be clean and pure, which causes no residue after the process of extraction. CBD is extracted when individual compounds are separated. The oil is then, distilled.

The process where CBD is extracted can be divided into two parts. The first one is called “winterization,” and the other one is called “short path distillation.”

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The removal of unwanted elements is what we call “winterization.” Undesirable parts may include wax, lipids, and some fats during the time CBD is extracted. Winterization may only be necessary if the oil was placed at a very high temperature or pressure during extraction. Too much pressure may cause other unwanted elements to be taken away from the plant. Thus, the process will have to go through better refining. After the extraction, it will now be mixed with two hundred proof of alcohol. A Buchner funnel is used to filter the fats. The next process, “short path distillation,” is almost the same as “winterization” as it also makes use of high temperature to further isolate unwanted particles in the CBD oil.

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