Cannabis Industry Offers Marijuana Jobs for Veterans


SAN FERNANDO, Calif. – Legal Marijuana is one of the fastest growing industries in America. According to ArcView, sales reached $6.9 billion last year. They also predict that it could grow up to $21.6 billion by 2021.

Nonetheless, entrepreneurs are still facing problems. One of which is their status as a Schedule 1 substance. This means that banks are afraid of giving services to marijuana industry businesses.

Thus, entrepreneurs have to monitor not only their products but also their revenues. Tax services also need to adjust their security measures to keep the cashflow steady.

However, financial security is only one of the primary issues. Employees are in peril because people know that they will earn a big amount of cash from them.

Transportation is another problem. Cannabis products need to move from cultivators to distributors. The same thing goes for money. It needs to move between companies to state establishments for tax payments. Some entrepreneurs like armored vehicles while others prefer sending out two to three cars.

While these are the concerns of many companies, they still offer marijuana jobs for veterans. Military training is a perfect skill in this field. Many veterans are having a tough time in finding a new job once they get out of the military. Indeed, unemployment among ex-troopers is a common issue.

Fortunately, many marijuana industry group jobs offer positions for those who served in the military. However, before applying for marijuana jobs for veterans, there are a few things you must do.

Step 1: Do Your Research

If you don’t have experience or knowledge in the marijuana industry, there’s nothing to worry about. You can do your research about this field. This will give you a perfect opportunity to find marijuana jobs for veterans and to get a position.

Thanks to the internet, it’s now easier to do your research and look for marijuana jobs for veterans. You only need to know what you need to search for and read as often as you can. Here are some tactics that you need to consider.

  • Read books that are suggested on the reading list of cannabis colleges, companies, and universities.
  • Buy cannabis-related books written by experts like Jorge Cervantes and Ed Rosenthal.
  • Ask your friends or anyone you know about the books they’ve read or websites they visit.
  • Register at every marijuana website, newsletter, blog, and mailing list.
  • If you could, attend marijuana industry conferences.

The goal of conducting this research is to be familiar with the history, the language, and the people. If you have no idea where to begin, you can ask questions like, “Where do you get information?” or “Who do you admire?”

Step 2: What Is Your Mission?

When applying for marijuana jobs for veterans, your priority should be to understand the company’s mission. You also have to make sure you talk about their mission when someone interviews you. As potential workers of the firm, the company’s mission is your shared goal that connects everyone together.

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During the interview, show how much you care about their mission. Talk about how you can help in reaching the company’s goals.

If the firm only wants to earn money, turn around and look for another company. There are several institutions where financial gain is an acceptable goal. However, medical marijuana industry jobs are not one of them. When looking for marijuana jobs for veterans, make sure you and the company share similar beliefs.

Find an organization that aims to help cure patients by taking cannabis products. If you can’t see this vision, then you’re in the wrong company.

Step 3: Your Work Is the Family You Choose

One thing employers consider when hiring a new employee is if he can work along with the team. Applicants need to work 10 to 12 hours a day once they get the position. This means that you will spend a lot of time with your co-workers.

If the employer thinks you can’t handle the job, he won’t hire you. Therefore, you need to leave a good impression and show them you’re fit for the available position.

If you prove to be the right person, you become part of the team that carries out the company’s mission. However, if you don’t like the culture and values of the firm, it may affect your working relationship and performance.

While there are a few things you can do to leave a good impression, don’t forget to be real. It’s better if they know who you are before they hire you then get fired because of your work ethics.

Step 3: Ask the Right Questions

When applying for marijuana jobs for veterans, don’t be afraid to ask questions during the interview. An interested applicant shows that you’re eager to join the company. Think of it as a conversation and not as an interview. Not only will you get information about the enterprise, but it will make the conversation a lot easier.

Some of the questions you could ask are as follows:

  • What is the firm has done that you’re proud of?
  • If you were the applicant, what would you concentrate on improving?
  • If you could take one decree from another state, what would it be?

This is only the beginning of your journey. You still need to sell yourself if you want to get one of the available marijuana jobs for veterans.

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