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Be careful of any request to send payment in advance via Gift Cards, Paypal, Zelle, Bitcoins, MoneyGram, Western Union and in overseas money request and check the Vendor and Consumer Reviews and information such as time the profile has been active. Vendors with contact information on their profiles are possible scammers. Avoid them!
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Scammer Alias
Known Contact Info
Melbourne, Victoria
No wik known.
This guy leaves me a scathing review after I've never done business with him. I suspect he's a troll that keeps coming back under different names that does this to popular dealers.
Iby86 on WIKR if you don't reply within 2 min this little shit starts sending abusive messages. Had to block. Rude as. Don't deal with them imo.
Just trouble
Narre Warren
Wickr kingkush7626
Bitcoin scammer, won't take cash. Claims to have a huuuuge grocery list of strains, all available in bulk and all available immediately. Half are listed in USD.
Northeast Pensacola
Will not give a set price, will not give # so to call or text only messaged on here. Shady!!!
When asked about phone # they got an attitude and no deal. Scam or cop? U decide!!
Fort Myers
Wastes your time. Does not turn up.
Waiting almost a hour for someone who didn’t show up. Got to location as agreed upon. No show. No follow up. Didn’t hit back. Stay away
Only wants payment in steam giftcards. Claims it is faster and more secure than cash?
Got a bad vibe from this person. Wanted to meet up but his "boss" would not accept cash as payment.
Lucien Flister
Middlesex, NJ
Scammer from Africa
Scum bag makes u pay by cards before and takes your money. HES FROM AFRICA
Charleston sc
Charleston sc
420delivery1 or Weed Delivery(kik name)
Asks for crypto coins, western union, steam cards etc
Scammer, plausible in his messages, but if you send vouchers, wire transfer etc He then says his boss has told him the price has gone up so send more money
Wikr and craigslist name is legitmeds
Usual send me steam cards for first purchase guy. SCAM.
Dc md va
Getting you to buy gift cards then never delivers just takes your money. Then disappears after saying the police stopped him
Even asked me to send a pic of my mind card. This guy will take your shoe laces.
Millenia Orlando Florida
Selling open and used products, second time he shorted me on products and gave me god awful replacements, has been removing my gummies also .
Cannot answer texts don’t do business
Nassau, NY
Never delivers after you pay with BTC then tries to extort you for money saying that his deliveryman has been arrested and you need to pay for it.
Worst experience I've ever had, and I've been robbed of money.
Lucien Flister
very sketchy

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