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Cannabis Cultivator

Job ID: 14798
Company: Monterey Botanicals II LLC
Location: Salinas, CA 93908
Salary: TBD
Number of Vacancy: 1
Employment Type: Contractor
Posted: 4 weeks ago
Deadline: 01 Jan, 2023

Job Description:

The cultivator will help the Director of Cultivation to care and help with the maintenance of the company’s Cannabis plants. This position is also responsible for the application of technical procedures, timing and metering devices that control frequency, amount, and type of nutrient applications as well as regulation of humidity, ventilation, temperature, and amount of light; and will dispense fertilizers. This position will monitor crop development and progress for the entire plant life cycle. - Help Director of Cultivation to plan for growing activities that are consistent with planned production schedules. - Plans for space allocation based on production reports and cloning schedules. - Monitors growing conditions and oversees changes in humidity, moisture and temperature and cultivation procedures to ensure conformance with quality control standards. - Monitors plant development to ascertain conditions such as leaf texture, bloom size and the existence of pests or disease. - Determines rates of fertilizers required by the crops and applies and/or directs the application of them. - Develops growing procedures for quality control in product line and new cultivation techniques. - Maintains inventory of needed growing supplies such as fertilizers and soils. - Maintains records of growing techniques and production; reviews records and reports to identify trends and to forecast future space and production possibilities. - Manages and works alongside Director of Cultivation to achieve maximum product quality. - Schedules staff and assigns tasks; provides input into performance evaluations. - Trains employees in growing techniques and methods. - Maintains a current knowledge of growing techniques and technologies. - Maintains an awareness of new state of the art

Job Requirements:

equipment and provides input into equipment and facilities upgrades and replacement. - Assists the General Manager with other duties as assigned. - Other core expectations will be defined by the company. ·Ability to calculate figures amounts, proportions, percentages, and volume in relation to the application of fertilizers, chemicals and water. Apply the principles of algebra and geometry for applications of such procedures. · Ability to use a PC and interpret/produce production reports. · Must have the ability to read, analyze, and interpret general business periodicals, professional journals, and technical procedures. · Ability to write reports, business correspondence, and procedural manuals. - Other core competencies will be defined by the company. - Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from management and from employees. - Ability to maintain comprehensive records of essential growing procedures, attributes, and results. - Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills to interact with team members, senior support personnel, and owners. - Ability to define and solve problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions necessary to identify a wide variety of conditions such as plant diseases, existence of insects, etc. - Possesses the knowledge and the ability to identify plant groups and be aware of their culture and growth traits. - Must be adaptable and must have the ability to multi‐task - Fosters positive working relationships. - Must be a team player and collaborator with ability to work independently. - Ability to provide work direction and leadership to staff. - Provides a team atmosphere which strives for a common goal of high product quality and cooperation and compatibility with peers, supervisors, and management. - Projects a helpful, friendly, and cooperative attitude. -
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