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Be careful of any request to send payment in advance via Gift Cards, Paypal, Zelle, Bitcoins, MoneyGram, Western Union and in overseas money request and check the Vendor and Consumer Reviews and information such as time the profile has been active. Vendors with contact information on their profiles are possible scammers. Avoid them!
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Scammer Alias
Known Contact Info
Dayton Ohio
Scammer in Dayton area demanding payment through paypal or cashapp before meetup or delivery.
Demanded payment before meetup or delivery. Said he would not do business otherwise. Wanted cashapp or paypal.
Florida, jaxville, staugustine
Profile pic has contact info, posts as several different accounts, insists on gift cards before meetup, total scam. Sends pics of him holding buds, as if it's proof he's legit
Wasted hours of my time via several accounts usually with Marc in the name. Greenkush21 was his kik. SCAM, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.
Nashville- SouthEast
# 707 893 7535
Uses PayPal and CashApp demanding money first(including $20 delivery fee) then will actually go through the motions claiming his runner disappeared with ur cash & product. I suspect teenagers. Also, being investigated for fraud by several banks.
Carlisle, pa
(213)-394-6204, owns or works for the fake Dispensary called 420 kush Dispensary
Stay far away and don't fall for the paypal scam like I did and if you feel up to it, go leave a review on the Yelp page for the fake Dispensary
Wickr: unicornbetty80, says he/she sells strain and edibles
Asks for cardless cash payments in advanced, lost 120$ to him/her, never delivered (obviously)
(805) 351-2695
Scammer, asking for gift cards as payment beforehand. Got very pushy asking for an amazon gift card with "a picture of the scratch code of the card and full pic of the receipt"
Kiwi 42
Goes by mango 79. PGR POISON
This skinny dirty asian cunt pays to be a top vendor. Weed is laced with chemicals. AVOID AVOID
Took my money but never showed like the loser they are
scammed 100$ amazon gift card
provide trustable words and say how reliable he is, got 5 stars on leafedin but the reality is shit dont recommend
+1 213-394-6204
They try make you pay with paypal or cash app first then keep saying they are prepare the package to believe over 2 hours later then try to get me to add more so they steal more money
Steam,gift,paypal and bitcoin only.
Will not except cash and stands you up no show to f2f. Scammer .ask me how im paying excepts cash but when at meet place decides no cash aloud.
docklands, VIC
Asks for payment beforehand - potential scammer do not trust.
Wickr user name : stonedaddy
Waste of life steam card scammer
Waste of life steam card scammer
PayPal address: Possible cell phone: 4242251164
Asks for electronic payment, then never shows. PayPal address is
Jacksonville, FL
WhatsApp: +1 (609) 619-0298 CashApp: $GettoBa
Wanted bitcoin and then cashapp before delivery. Reviews are fake. Ghosted as soon as money was sent