The Political Issue for the Legalization of Marijuana in Nevada

marijauna legalization

The legalization of medical or recreational use of marijuana is a sensitive topic. The authorizationof cannabis is not only a legal order to follow but it also considered as a moral and law. Here are a couple of changes that people should know about the use of marijuana in Nevada.

The Legalization and the People’s Voice

Medical use of marijuana has been legal in Nevada since the year 2000. However, the first dispensaries for cannabis werenot open till the summer of 2015. Big changes occurred when voters approved the consentof the drug. Cannabis is legal in Nevada for adults, ages 21 and above. Adults are only allowed to possess up to one ounce of marijuana.

Voters in Nevada was given the chance to choose their president and if they will allow the use of marijuana. There were different opinions and statements by the people who support and oppose it. Most of the supporters are Democrats who have been arguing that legitimation of pot can remove soft drugs in the black market. They also said that it will increase the tax revenue of the government. It will also be beneficial for non-violent cannabis users.

Republicans are most of the people who oppose this issue. They stated that the legalization of cannabis will do additional harm than good for their society. They argued that it would ruin the health of teenager and the future generation. They also mentioned that it will only benefit the dealers of cannabis and not the general public. However, no matter how hard the Republicans oppose this matter, a lot of people are still in favor for the recreational use of marijuana.

The People Who Oppose It

Aside from the Democrats who oppose this issue, the former director of Weed & Seed Program, Earl White, oppose this matter as well. The Weed & Seed Program is a group for the prevention of crime and drug abuse. He stated that the recreational usage of cannabis reduces the motivation of a person. According to him, a person will lose his capability and drive to work or study. He also stated that there’s no way that the legalization of marijuana will do good for the community.

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Another group who opposes recreational use of marijuanawho’s being led by Pat Hickey, agrees with Earl White. He conforms with the possible outcome or potential hazards that marijuana can bring to the community. Pat Hickey stated that the legalization of the herb will be considered as breaking the legal traditions of America. Even though supporters are arguing that it will increase tax revenue, Hickey still disagrees.

He used alcohol as an example for this matter. He said that instead of being a moneymaker, alcohol became one of the reasons why people drain their money. He also mentioned that marijuana can cause more dangerous.

The Final Result

The involvement of politics with the legalization of marijuana may be altering the views and opinions of the people. John Carter of the University of Phoenix stated that people should learn before they start arguing. He also indicatedthat there’s a lot of misinformation about cannabis. He stated that it is better to educate people, remove politics from this matter and start talking about the people.

After the long list of people who oppose the legalization of marijuana in Nevada, the democrats still won the battle. In total, 54.47 percent of people are in favor of the legalization of cannabis. Even if marijuana is legal in the state, people still need to follow a couple of regulations that was implemented by the government.

The legalization of recreational use of cannabis has been a long time battle for people who encourage it. Now, the war has ended and a new generation begins.



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